September 2020

September issue cover


Global Britain

Since the 2016 referendum delivered a mandate to leave the European Union, the UK’s go-it-alone ethos has cost billions of pounds – and now thousands of lives.

Trump’s popularity

63 million votes, 85.7 million Twitter followers and one pair of small hands. How did Trump make his way into the White House? And why is it not all that surprising?

Chinese might

For centuries and millennia, the Great Wall helped define China as a defensive, or at least introspective state. Modern China’s ambitions however are markedly bolder and far-reaching.

Message from the editors

This September, we look back at a historic summer with coverage of the biggest stories from around the world. While the coronavirus continues to ravage society, other forces – darker, hidden, and less prevalent on front pages – pull the planet further into disorder. Will Jones looks at the UK’s unhealthy obsession with going-it-alone, time after time rejecting the path of globalism and cooperation.

Sam Portillo looks at how China – a sleeping superpower- bullies smaller countries and semi-autonomous states into submission, using contentious and sometimes wicked tactics. Trump prepares to enter another general election as underdog, while questions still surround his win four years ago. Daisy Olyett answers the question: how is an unsympathetic, bad-mouthed non-politician so popular?

We also visit Belarus, Brussels, Beirut and New Zealand among other places. It has not been an easy summer, so take the time to read the stories in detail – understand what happened in R3trospect.