October 2020

October issue cover


Yemen famine

Yemen was already the poorest nation in the Arab world. Now, a horrific famine threatens to push them past the point of no return.

Message from the editors

The shortening days and dark autumn nights provide a chilling backdrop to a second wave of coronavirus in the UK, as case numbers reach record highs and whole regions become swallowed by lockdown. Saf Bartley, Daisy Olyett and Sam Portillo dissect the twists and turns in the UK’s journey to a second wave, with a long series of government mistakes leading the country down a treacherous path.

Sam Feierabend makes a case study of the UK’s arts crisis, talking to a number of people in the industry to understand the impact of the government’s inaction. Elsewhere, Maggie Gannon investigates the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where millions of people are facing a nightmarish famine in addition to persistent poverty.

We also visit Barbados, New Zealand, Australia and Switzerland in this month’s issue of R3trospect.