November 2020

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Trump vs. Biden

This November, Americans will cast their votes in another presidential election. We look at the idiosyncrasies of this pandemic election, the problems facing the country, and the men who claim they can fix them.

Bolsonaro’s Amazon

As the plight of the Amazon’s native tribes are intertwined with the fate of the rainforest itself, from a human rights perspective, the crisis is becoming too large to simply ignore.

Putin’s power

Putin has used his presidential powers to grant himself twelve more years in office, but international sanctions and a miserable economic climate comprise a challenging road ahead.

Message from the editors

This November, years of bitter division culminate in a hotly-contested election between President Trump and Democrat challenger Joe Biden. The battle has been deeply ideological, evoking values like globalism, diversity and American favourite liberty, as the country asks itself what kind of future it wants. The answer is unlikely to be simple. The losing side is expected to challenge the result in court, on social media, and on the streets. A war of words and ideas has the potential to cause civil unrest in what was once the civilised ideal for countries across the world.

Sam Portillo, Will Jones and Sam Feierabend take a closer look at the presidential race: diagnosing the country’s ailments, capturing the reality of the men who want to lead and dissecting the strange quirks of this “pandemic election”. Derry Salter studies the enigma that is Putin, after the former Soviet spy secures another twelve years at Russia’s helm. How does he keep control over a notoriously unstable country and region? In the Western hemisphere, Daisy Olyett discusses the impact of Jair Bolsonaro – Brazil’s bold leader – in relation to the Amazon rainforest, the indigenous wildlife and local people.

We also visit Azerbaijan, Armenia, Chile, Vietnam and the Vatican in this month’s issue of R3trospect.

Africa and the Middle East

The Americas