June 2021


Feature articles

Israel and Palestine

A short ceasefire provides short-term relief for both Israel and Palestine, but without a peace deal, there is nothing to suggest that this decades-long conflict won’t persist for more.

Labour’s problem

In its current state, Labour appears to be a party in turmoil, constantly being pulled in either direction by the centre- and further-left factions of their members.

The crypto revolution

Investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be one of the fastest ways to make a fortune. So why is the crypto revolution such a slow burning one?

Message from the editors

As summer approaches and relative normality seems to be on the cusp of resuming, our June issue brings with it some of the biggest stories from a transitional month for the world.

Whilst normality to us in the UK is something to anticipate keenly, the past 31 days have seen the re-emergence of a normality all too familiar to Palestinians. As the conflict between Israel and Palestine rears its ugly head once more, Derry Salter documents the tragic – yet deeply complex – nature of the region’s problems.

Politically, the UK is in a transitional period; the Labour Party, led by Sir Keir Starmer, is undoubtedly the biggest loser of this situation. As the incumbent tries to unite a divided party, Will Jones studies the recent local election results and what they could mean for the future of Starmer’s Labour.

The proliferation of cryptocurrency is one that could not have been easily predicted over a decade ago – otherwise I would be sat on my private yacht rather than at a desk in the corner of my room. However, it is rapidly becoming a more widely understood and sought-after investment for people across the world. Sam Portillo explores the elusive growth of crypto and what it could mean for the future of finance.

We also visit India, Tokyo, Mexico and Broadcasting House in this month’s issue of R3trospect.



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