December 2020

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Europe and Islam

Unless Europe isolates heartless extremism from the harmless faith of Islam, it cannot claim to be tolerant and secular.

Message from the editors

It is the final month of the year, at last. In January, Boris Johnson promised a “fantastic year” for Britain. On the other side of a public health crisis and economic recession, he faces the prospect of a broken Britain, with calls for independence becoming louder from every corner of the isles. Maggie Gannon, Sam Feierabend and Derry Salter assess the support for independence in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, answering the question of whether the Kingdom has really lost its union.

Looking at the apparent decline in support for Boris Johnson, Will Jones ponders whether populism has lost its popular touch, also taking into account Trump’s election loss across the pond. For an in-depth review of the U.S. presidential election, see Sam Feierabend’s article in The Americas section of this issue.

Following recent terror attacks in France and Austria, Sam Portillo looks at the challenge Europe faces in tackling Islamist extremism, and why countries cannot lower themselves to oppressing freedom and religion.

We also visit Kosovo, Ethiopia, Argentina, Australia and China in this month’s issue of R3trospect.