What is R3trospect?

R3trospect is a monthly news magazine with a global focus. Run by students, written for all with an interest in current affairs.

We publish a selection of articles on our website on the third day of each month (hence the 3 in R3trospect), taking advantage of the benefit of hindsight to look back at the previous month’s biggest moments, ranging from European politics and American environmental issues, to Asian technological innovations and Middle Eastern border skirmishes.

How did it begin?

Having little to do in the “lockdown summer” of 2020, three journalism students attending Cardiff University decided to channel their experience and ambition into a new project. We launched our new website on 3rd September, coinciding with the return of students to university campuses, amassing over 700 views in our first week of going live.

The team has since expanded to fifteen members, including two editors, two sub editors, nine writers and two photo and video editors. We continue to grow every month and look forward to being able to realise all of our ambitions as a team.

How can I get involved?